U.S., Japan, others ground Boeing Dreamliner indefinitely - Fighting Fire With Fire

By Johny Jagannath

Life raft
It will be interesting to see when someone will figure out that an Ejection Seat has got to be an integral part of any Airplane. Just as a life raft is an integral part of any ocean liner. 

But I think that the Airline Industry is guilty of criminal negligence because it makes absolutely no effort to save a life during emergencies in air or during take off or landing. People are simply left to crash and burn.

Per wikipedia...
Air crash
"criminal negligence is a 'misfeasance or 'nonfeasance' (see omission), where the fault lies in the failure to foresee and so allow otherwise avoidable dangers to manifest. In some cases this failure can rise to the level of willful blindness where the individual intentionally avoids adverting to the reality of a situation. 

The degree of culpability is determined by applying a reasonable person standard. Criminal negligence becomes "gross" when the failure to foresee involves a "wanton disregard for human life" (see the discussion in corporate manslaughter).

Note that there is a thing called Reasonable Person Standard. In accusing the Airline Industry of Criminal Negligence, I am either an unreasonable person or most people that fly are guilty of recklessness. And I'd like to think I'm reasonable because I am not accusing the Ocean Liners of Criminal Negligence. 


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