Shosanna and Fredrick by Quentin Tarantino

One of the best scenes I have seen in a long time. 

"Young Shosanna feels something for Fredrick after shooting him three times in his back. A 70s romantic music starts playing in the background. Upon hearing Frederick moan, she hesitantly walks towards him and kneels down next him. She touches him tenderly. She probably likes him. She tires to reach his shoulder to turn him around, when Fredrick turns himself around, and shoots at her, point blank, three times in quick succession, as the 70s music gets louder. Shosanna is thrown back to the wall, in slow motion. We see stuff falling off of her pretty red dress. Fredrick still aiming his Luger at Shosanna and is in two minds about shooting her again. His hands are shaking by this indecision. But he shoots her again. Fredrick drops his Luger to his side and dies. Shosanna dies a little later. We pull back from the top as the two remain motionless, the 70s music still playing in the background. A quintessential Tarantino scene."



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