Melancholia by Lars von Trier

I thought the movie, Melancholia was a poetic masterpiece. I am convinced that the title and its theme in general, is a definite reference to Albrecht Durer's 1514 engraving by the name, Melencholia I.

At first glance, the rainbow in the engraving (see below) does give the impression of a giant sphere or planet that is about to reign calamity upon the Earth. And going by the first impressions alone, it seems to me, that Lars von Trier singularly made a movie out of this engraving. And the character, Justine, played terrifically by Kirsten Dunst, is a modern interpretation of the despondent winged woman in the engraving. 

Melencolia I (1514)
Considered one of the foremost artists of the Renaissance period, Albrecht Dürer’s extensive work in printmaking transformed the categorization of the medium from craft to fine art. Often depicting religious subjects, Dürer’s woodcuts and engravings demonstrated unprecedented technical skill, tonal variation, and compositional sophistication.
More at this Durer page from Artsy. 


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