How Germans Remember the Holocaust

By Johny Jagannath
The awkward hug scene (The Pink Panther 2)

                                       There was something about burning down a restaurant                                                   that ignited other more illicit fires... and I'm sorry about that.
                                       As am I; terribly remorseful.
                                       It was a night to remember that we must forget.
                                       We must never forget to not remember it.
                                       And if we do remember it, we must immediately forget it.                                                                  Now let's have a professional hug goodbye.

This scene from The Pink Panther 2, reminds me a little of how the Germans remember the holocaust these days. It's a classic case of virtue-signalling and schadenfreude gone too far. And that might be the only reason to remember it. I think the Germans have done enough, more than enough, actually -- and it's time for them to get a move on, now. Seriously. 

See also: German Angst.


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