Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (Lyric Video) ft. Skip Marley

This (new) terrific Katy Perry song comes with a deep hidden meaning and seems to opine on certain human conditions. Check out the lyric video which features a cake eating rodent. Interesting. At a glance, it reminds me of Tarantino's famous line: You must have big rats if you need Hattori Hanzo's steel. Or, it's probably a reference to this idiom: You can't have your cake and eat it (too). Or better still, it's probably a reference to this famous line from SkyfallOnly now, they don't eat coconut anymore. Now they will only eat rat. You have changed their nature.

This song seriously runs the risk of being misunderpreted by those that already live in a bubble; especially the rap part that goes: Break down the walls to connect, inspire

See also: America First, Germany Second and Stripped by Rammstein.


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