Stripped by Rammstein

By Johny Jagannath

This Rammstein song caught my attention for a lot of reasons. The most interesting one being the lyric, and it goes: "Let me see you make decisions without your television. Let me hear you speaking just for me". (#EverySecondCounts). Given the current political climate in the US -- his German ancestry, his America First policy and how the mainstream media generally covers him -- this piece of Rammstein lyric seemed almost Trumpian in a way. 

Interestingly, at 2:22 you will notice an Olympic athlete, who resembles one of President Trump's sons, making it only more interesting that an American flag cross fades at this point, in a video, that was adapted from a 1938 German documentary film directed by Leni Riefenstahl, who was generally remembered as a propagandist for the Third Reich. She was much more of course. 

PS. The vocals remind me of Arnold Schwarzenegger from T2: Come with me, if you want to live.


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